我的雙寶在滿6個月的當天,媽媽準備了 "嬰兒游泳課"為他們未來早療復健及強身健體做準備。











身為極低體重早產兒的媽媽非常真心的跟所有媽媽們分享:孩子提早接觸運動是好的! 我的孩子因為游泳加強了肢體復健的速度;重點是感冒減少了、喜歡玩水、愛上音













Chou-Bou and Shan-Shan’s Mum: Pony


When my twins were 6 months old I registered them in baby swimming lessons as a form of therapy and to improve their physical fitness.


Chou-Bou and Shan-Shan were born three months early and only 1,000 grams at birth. They were in critical condition and had to stay in ICU for two months before they could go home. These two months of anxiety, was beyond expression, for both my husband and me, but from the moment the twins left the hospital, I was determined to make sure my premature twins would lead healthy lives as ordinary babies.


I didn’t have any support from my family when I registered my twins in swimming class. In fact, they were all very worried and concerned. They believed there were great risks for premature babies in swimming lessons. I trusted teacher Lan’s profession and experience and so did my husband. Our twins have been swimming lessons near one year and they are now in Level 4.


Now my twins are 15 months old and the recent assessments showed their physical development is the same as ordinary babies’, which is a great achievement for all of us! Apart from that, my twins are very healthy and they rarely have colds or fevers. I firmly believe swimming tremendously helped my twins physical and psychological development.  I am very grateful to teacher Lan’s outstanding teaching. As a mother of premature twins with very low birth weight, I’m very passionate about sharing my twins swimming experience!


Teacher Lan says:


The first time I saw Chou-Bou and Shan-Shan, when they were 6 months old, I sympathized for them because they were so much smaller compared to other babies. They only weighed 1,000 grams when they were born after all. Shan-Shan is a very calm and easy-going baby and I often use her for demonstration in the class. Her brother is more shy, but behaves well in class most of the time. No matter what, their parents insisted on bringing the twins to join swimming lessons once a week, even though they faced a lot of pressure from their family and society, also. I am very happy to see that the parents’ perseverance and efforts has had a very positive result: the twins are very healthy and have their developments has caught up to that of other babies their age. Well done to the parents and the twins, I am so proud of you!



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