We always take the high-speed rail from Yunlin to get to our baby swimming classes and with two small children it is not always easy. The older one, Cheng-Cheng, is very opinionated and gets fussy on the long train ride, while the little baby needs to be breast fed regularly during the ride, making it difficult to get to class on time. I cannot express enough how challenging it can be. Yet, every time I change Cheng-Cheng’s clothes and get him ready to go to swimming class I feel that all the effort is worth it. We really love teacher Lan-Xi’s baby swimming lessons. Not only is Cheng-Cheng very happy, smiling and enjoying himself the whole time, but I also get to enjoy one on one time with my son. Now that I have two children to care for, on top of housework and everything else, it can be difficult to play with Cheng-Cheng like I used to. He wants to spend time with me and regularly throws tantrums or makes trouble when I don’t give him enough attention, which is devastating for me at times.


We really love being a part of teacher Lan’s baby swimming lesson and also appreciate that teacher Lan often speaks words of encouragement to the moms.  Cheng-Cheng’s grandparents disagree with baby swimming and always try to persuade me to  discontinue the swimming class, which can be very discouraging and annoying. We do need to be encouraged from our teacher to help us carry on. I very much agree with the teacher’s philosophy: “Respect the child's personality and respect the child's learning speed and manner.” If you want the children to learn to swim you must carry on. We're so lucky to have met such a great teacher.




Teacher Lan says


Cheng-Cheng is a very cute boy, who always has a sweet smile on his face. This June Cheng-Cheng took our Level 1 class in Sun World Dynasty Hotel. I didn’t even know they were living in Yunlin at that time. I just remember his mummy was pregnant with a big belly and she firmly said to me:

“After I have the baby, we’ll be back to the swimming lessons right away!“ Within 2 months the little brother was born and she was already bringing Cheng-Cheng to join the next level swimming lesson.  It was then that I found out Cheng-Cheng’s mom was bringing two children all the way  from Yunlin on high-speed rail to join the class once a week!


Cheng-Cheng’s mom is a very good example to other parents because:


1) Even though they traveled a long distance to join the class they’re never late or absent for the class.

2) Often, when Cheng-Cheng is taking lessons with his mummy, his little brother is sleeping nearby in the stroller since she doesn’t have anyone there to help, which is very unusual among Taiwanese moms. She is a very independent and determined mother.


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